OUTLOOK 2022: Will Real Estate in Kenya Still Be Profitable in 2022?

Outlook 2022: Making Money in Real Estate in Kenya in 2022 & Beyond

“Understand the emerging trends, discover where the opportunities will be, and learn how you can position yourself to profit from the marketplace in 2022 and beyond ….”

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A Situational Analysis of The Real Estate Market in Kenya 2020/2021

How has the Covid-19 pandemic reshaped the market in Kenya, what will be the watersheds and where is the opportunity in 2022?


BUYERS MARKET: What it Portends for Property Investors?

Has the depressed market changed buying trends, can sellers do anything to better position their offers, and will the market’s lethargy end in 2022?


EMERGING TRENDS: Work-from-Home, Home-Deliveries and More

The effect new trends are likely to have on the market and their long-lasting legacy on different classes of property, especially in urban areas.


THE MORTGAGE MARKET: From Bad to Worse - Whats Coming in 2022?

After a drop of more than 1000 mortgages between 2019 and 2020, will the market pick up or degrade even further? 


AFFORDABLE HOUSING: AHP and Going Beyond Agenda 4

As the Uhuru/Ruto presidency ends in 2022, is the conversation around affordable housing finally dead or will it become even more robust? How effective was the AHP?


HOMEOWNERSHIP: Factors That Will Encourage its Growth

Homeownership is still the dream – the positive developments in 2020 and 2021 that can be built upon to boost homeownership for a wider demographic.


PROPERTY LEASING: The Underestimated Cashflow Generator

How investors can position themselves to leverage a robust property leasing market for commercial and agricultural use and why you really ought to be paying attention to this segment, especially now!


SELLING FASTER: Developing A Value Proposition When Selling

How can you offload your vacant land faster in 2022?


ELECTIONS 2022: The Dampening Effect of Politics

What will the season of political contests bring with it in 2022, and why the smart money has lost all interest in speculating on real estate

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