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Project Management, Property Advisory & Free Property Listing Services

We offer property management solutions including supervision and custodial services, property conversion, project management and contracting, as well as free property listing for individuals and agencies, pre-purchase diligence and general property advisory, including buyer representation and real estate investment consultancy for both individuals and corporate groups.

Our Services


Supervision and Custodial Services

Directly and in partnership with our licensed partners, we provide contract services for oversight and supervision of vacant land and management of single-dweller properties. Included are:

  • Contractual oversight over the property.
  • Erection of physical deterrents and property signage.
  • Project management for the conversion of vacant possession.
  • Lodging of restrictive instruments (cautions and caveats).
  • Registration of leases.
  • Property surveys – including the reestablishment of delineation markers and boundaries.
  • Project feasibility studies and project surveys.
  • Property valuations.
  • Administration and maintenance of levies.
Supervision and Custodial Services

Property Listing Services

Are you in the market to lease, buy or sell a property? Do you require a listing service to tell the market about your offer(s)? We offer free property listing and client representation for both individuals and corporates, as well as partner agents. We also directly offer representation and advisory for property acquisitions. The services include:

  • Listing photography and virtual tours
  • Property due diligence and valuations
  • Property searches, acquisition of official maps, property valuations, administration of property transfers (including clearance certificates and processing of titles)
  • Presale inspections and ascertainment of property (including cadastral survey works and reinstallation of beacons).
  • Agency services.
Property Listing Services


Project Management and Land-Use Conversion

Alongside leasing services, we provide a range of value-added and niche project management services and solutions to increase the value and productivity of real estate. This includes land subdivisions, turnkey solutions for low-cost housing projects using SSB, container and precast structures, installation of water catchment, renewable energy and waste management solutions, security installations, gardening, landscaping and installation of exterior paving.

Combining project management and land-use conversion services, we assist our clients to harness the potential of their real estate, especially vacant land. Directly and with our partners, we contract to lease and/or develop vacant land ranging from smallholder commercial plots to large scale agricultural land on behalf of our clients for specific commercial-scale projects.

Project Management and Land-Use Conversion


Property Advisory Services

We work directly and in collaboration with our licensed partners to offer property advisory in the following areas:

  • Market surveys and project feasibility
  • Property acquisitions, disposal and general investment advice
  • Investment due diligence
  • Buyer representation
  • Investment and project appraisal (risk analysis) and financing

Real Estate Guru is a platform for the sharing of real estate market intelligence in Kenya. In particular, we offer prepurchase transaction advice, project risk assessments and investor guidance with the goal of ensuring our clients make informed investment decisions that factor risk and market knowledge.

Property Advisory Services


Low-Cost Housing Solutions

Low-cost housing technologies have the ability to transform the housing situation in Kenya. However, there is still very low uptake in the market and yet the solutions are available.

At a modest, affordable cost range of between KES 15,000 and KES 22,500 per square metre, we are able to deliver a modest, but decently-sized permanent family home (approximately 100sqm) at a fraction of its current brick-and-mortar cost.

These solutions offer idle landowners the opportunity to capitalize on these technologies and to solve the emergent housing crisis.

Talk to us, we have great solutions to offer you!

Low-Cost Housing Solutions

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