agriventures project kenya: seize the land, reap the rewards

Sustainable Investments in Agricultural Land With Returns of 8.5% to 12% P.A.

We are injecting an additional 450 acres of agricultural land under the 3-year renewable lease program with our commercial partners in 2024! Come join us.

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Agriventures: Seize the Land, Reap the Rewards

The Agriventures Project targets expansion in Kilifi County in 2024/5, with a pipeline of an addtional 450 acres.

REALESTATEGURU.CO.KE promotes safe, prudent and pragmatic real estate investments in agricultural land for leasing and agricultural incomes, by connecting landowners with farmers and connecting farmers with contracting opportunities in pastoral and horticultural production for export and in agroforestry by leveraging the nascent decarbonization economy and biofuel commodities markets.

Agriventures: Seize the Land, Reap the Rewards

Agriventures Project: An-Opportunity For Growth!

The Agriventures Project is seeking to increase production and service new export markets by increasing acreage of land under lease as part of the project.

This expansion and growth is being achieved through strategic commercial partnerships with landowners who can avail, for long-term lease, 10+ acres of arable farming land in Malindi, specifically in the regions where the project has already been established in Wakala, Kamale and Adu.

In the fiscal year 2024/2025, the planned expansion is up to 2000 acres of arable land for agroforestry, hortcultural, cereal production, and pastoralist activities.

Preference will be accorded to properties with proximity to existing project locations and infrastructure, easy access to a source of water for crop production.

This project is open to landowners in the region. In particular, property investors who can raise the capital to acquire land for the project in return for a managed lease, and those who wish to present offers of sale or lease can contact:

The Project Coordinator
Ref: Project 015/2024/5 | Agricultural Land Leasing Program

This is a great investment opportunity, not to be missed!

AgriVentures: Seize the Land, Reap the Rewards

Agriventures: Seize the Land, Reap the Rewards

Investment Prospectus: What You Need To Know!

Minimum Land Size Requirement
  • Land size: A minimum of 10 acres per contractor can be leased from a landowner for the project.
Project Location(s)

The primary location for the horticultural production, core activitiy, is in Wakala, Malindi.

  • Other Preferred Locations: Magharini including Fundissa, Ramada, Adu, Kamale, Marafa and Marereni.
Soil Quality Testing
  • Before leasing, soil quality testing shall be performed. Ideally, soils should be well-drained, have a high content of organic matter and have good moisture retention.
  • Acceptable soil types include sandy red soils and loam soils with an optimum pH value of between 6 to 7.5, but not lower than 5.5.
  • Offerors MUST provide a full spectrum, distributed soil test sample report that is not older than 6 months from the date of submission of the offer to support proof of soil quality.
Basic Terms of Lease
  • Term of Lease: 3-year renewable with yearly renewable option or mandatory 1-year intermissions beyond initial 3-year lease contract.
  • Registration of Lease: The owner of the land is required to meet 50% of the cost of registration of the lease.
  • Land MUST have title deed, free and clear of any encumbrances.
  • Payment Terms: 1-year payment schedule payable on registration of the lease; and thereafter half-yearly at the commencement of each year. Optionally, the lessor may opt for an upfront payment for the entire term of the lease (3 years) equivalent to 2 years rental.
  • Lease/Rental: Market rate, reviewable on renewal.
Material Disclosures

In addition, offerors are required to provide the following information and disclosures before any survey will be undertaken:

  • Demonstrable proof of ownership. The property should not be under any subsisting encumbrance at the time of offer.
  • Current and previous land use: Land that is currently used for pastoral farming and fallow land is preferred
  • A sketch map of the property map indicating the nearest landmark(s), proximity to access roads and the nearest tarmac road with  approximate distance to the property
  • Provide the name of the nearest township or town centre
  • Cadastral map of the property (if available), or, alternatively, location coordinates of the property
  • Notation of any existing infrastructure and inventory on the property, including basic structures such as fencing or any other improvements made on the property
  • Photos of the property


What Our Clients Say

“After guiding me through the process of successfully acquiring 30 acres of land in Malindi, the team at REALESTATEGURU then procured for me a 3-year renewable lease. Between acquisition and the lease out there was a total of 6 months. This was a massive game-changer  – I just hadn’t seen or anticipated that such opportunities exist. The return is ideal for me being as I received an upfront payment.

The team has faithfully managed the lease for me over the past two years.

— Nancy Sure, Virginia, USA

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