Lucrative Returns and Sustainable Wealth Creation From Agricultural Land.
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Grow Your Wealth Sustainably! Explore our Agricultural Land Sales and Leasing Services Today for Lucrative Returns and a Greener Future.


Agricultural Land Sales With Leasing Offers

Agricultural Land Sales and Leasing Services
Agricultural Land Sales and Leasing Services
Agricultural Land Sales and Leasing Services
Agricultural Land Sales and Leasing Services
Agricultural Land Sales and Leasing Services
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Growing Demand For Agricultural Land!

Making Money From Agricultural Land Investments is SEXY!

Are you looking for agricultural land for purchase or for lease?

Or, alternatively, are you looking for an opportunity to diversify your real estate investments to include agricultural land that can be leased to generate income?

We offer agricultural land sale and leasing services and turnkey solutions for property investors looking for both commercial and agricultural land they can leverage to earn income, whether directly through farming activities or indirectly through long-term leasing.


  • Diversify Your Portfolio with real estate assets that work for you TODAY!
  • Tap into Climate Finance Opportunities.
  • Secure Income by producing or leasing out your land for horticultural production, agroforestry activities, production of biogenic feedstock, and pastoral farming.
  • Participate in the nascent Net-Zero Economy and contribute directly to making food production environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Build an Inflation-Resilient Investment that you can pass on to future generations”

Agricultural Land Sales and Leasing

Our Business Process

The investment requirements (buy or sell decisions), as well as the specific production use cases, vary from client to client.

Our business process varies depending on the demands that prospective clients have.

In some instances, prospective clients already own land they wish to lease out, whereas in others, they may be seeking land to purchase or even to lease.

In general, our business is as below:

  1. Consultation: Understand client needs, investment goals, and preferences.
  2. Market Analysis: Identify suitable agricultural lands based on location, soil quality, and climate.
  3. Due Diligence: Conduct thorough legal and environmental assessments for selected properties.
  4. Customized Solutions: Develop personalized investment strategies, including sales or leasing options.
  5. Documentation: Facilitate transparent and secure transaction processes with clear legal documentation.
  6. Post-Acquisition Support: Offer ongoing support, including sustainable farming practices and resource optimization.

How Can We Be of Assistance To You?

  • Steady Returns: Agricultural land offers consistent returns through various sustainable practices. On average agricultural land-leasing projects yield between 10% and 12.5% annually. We currently offer initial leases on 3-year renewable contracts.
  • Diversification: Mitigate Risks and move beyond speculative investments, by diversifying your portfolio with real estate assets that put money in your pocket today!
  • Income Security: Leverage the potential of any agricultural activity creating a steady income stream merely through land ownership even if you are not interested in or capable of farming.

What Our Clients Say

“After guiding me through the process of successfully acquiring 30 acres of land in Malindi, the team at REALESTATEGURU then procured for me a 3-year renewable lease. Between acquisition and the lease out there was a total of 6 months. This was a massive game-changer  – I just hadn’t seen or anticipated that such opportunities exist. The return is ideal for me being as I received an upfront payment.

The team has faithfully managed the lease for me over the past two years.

— Nancy Sure, Virginia, USA | 2023

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Thank you for considering our services. Our services are personalized to meet your unique and specific requirements so please feel free to give us as much detail here as you can so that we can serve you.

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