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Create solid results for your property investments by gaining deeper insights into the real estate industry and marketplace in Kenya.

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Optimize Your Investment Results

Are you trying to decide if an off-plan investment project is for you? Have you accumulated or inherited properties which lie idle, not putting money in your pocket? Are you looking for financing to pull off your real estate project but unsure where to start?

What problem do you have? We can help you get going!

About Us

REALESTATEGURU is a hub for promoting real estate market intelligence in Kenya, networking and collaboration between real estate enthusiasts and deepening engagement between industry professionals, real estate investors and the marketplace at large.

We offer several services, primarily consultancy for private investors both in-country, in the diaspora, and even non-Kenyans looking to invest in the property market in Kenya. While we exclusively focus on buyer agencies for properties, we also offer a property listing platform for offers either by partner agents or directly for property owners (For Sale By Owner offers).

Our goal is to enable you to get the most out of your property investments, equipping you with the tools to develop effective investment strategies.

Property Listing For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Looking to sell or rent your property?

We offer For-Sale-By-Owner services including property listing and advertising across multiple marketplaces, professional cataloguing (photography, videography), staging, limited showings and more.

Design The Roadmap For Your Real Estate Investments

Strategic investments can generate cashflows today, build capital gains tomorrow and create wealth beyond tomorrow! A clear, personalized, strategy to build financial stability and wealth through real estate is within reach.

Best of all, you’re never “too late” to get started! Interested?

Property Search & Buyer Representation

Looking to buy a property and want to find the best bargains out there with the best bang for your buck?

In addition to performing due diligence, we can secure you the best deals possible and help you navigate your way to a successful close!

Outlook 2022: Making Money in Real Estate in Kenya in 2022 & Beyond

“Understand the emerging trends, discover where the opportunities will be, and learn how you can position yourself to profit from the marketplace in 2022 and beyond ….”

Agricultural Land Leasing Scheme

Our Project Contractors are seeking mutually beneficial partnerships with property investors and land owners to service several agribusiness projects in regions hardest hit by the adverse effects of climate change.

In 2024/5, we seek to expand this commercial partnership with landowners who can avail, for long-term lease a minimum of 10 acres of arable farming land in Kilifi County.

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